Michael was recently featured on Hypeline. “Meet Michael DeSantis: Nations Youngest Congressional Campaign Manager”
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Capital Tonight

Michael was interviewed on Capital Tonight recently and discussed his role in the 2016 election season. Click here to view (skip to 16:00 mark).

Tomi Lahren

Michael DeSantis, American Dream CC’s founder was interviewed by Tomi Lahren on her show. Check it out below.

American Dream CC’s founder was recently featured on Constituads

Michael DeSantis, Political Arena’s Youngest Campaign Manager

Last week we sat down with the political arena’s youngest campaign manager, Michael DeSantis. We originally reached out to Michael for ideas on our own post election ad products, but during our chat we were impressed by his depth of knowledge in the area despite his age and requested a full interview.
Recently graduated from High School, Michael has already worked on several campaigns and is now in charge of the Congressional campaign for J.J. Summerell in NC’s 1st district.
Michael’s goals are to develop his business and political acumen until he is able to move into Venture Capitalism and eventually run for office. Ultimately, he aims to be one of the Presidential Candidates of 2036.
ConstiuAds: Why Political? Why now?
Michael DeSantis: I would listen to discussions at school and found that I really enjoyed the idea of it. At an early age, I decided to go volunteer for a campaign. I loved the experience and have been at it since.
What are the challenges of being the youngest campaign manager in your space?
The biggest challenge I’ve had as a campaign manager is getting people to work for me. I have to be overly professional in general. I have to bring my “A Game” every single day. This was especially challenging in the beginning, but now I have people who vouch for my expertise, which helps.
Also, not a lot of people want to work for a congressional campaign, and once they see me in person and see how young I am they think, “I don’t want to work with someone younger than me…”. It ads an extra challenge to recruiting volunteers.
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