A successful political campaign requires a concise message. It also involves a well targeted plan, rapid response, press strategy, and voter contact. ADCC’s team of successful campaign officials understands and excels at all the components of a winning political campaign.


ADCC uses voter opinion polling and survey research projects to assess the interests/opinions on political candidates, issues, and public policies. A key to understanding legislation and succeeding in political campaigns is understanding how and why voters think the way they do. ADCC offers: online surveys, focus groups, chat rooms, live interview surveys to collect data that will help you.


Financing campaigns is paramount in their success. ADCC offers advice on the most strategic uses of political action committee resources (PAC) and to make sure that our clients optimize their long term impact.


The customer/people’s needs are of the uttermost importance. For this reason providing them with effective representation in government is imperative. One of the most successful ways of getting a voice in the government or running a successful political campaign is spreading awareness through the word of mouth. ADCC has organized and successfully run multiple political grassroots efforts to support candidates and issues. This unique insight will help you run a successful grassroots movement for your political campaign/political movement.


Communicating your message effectively is one of the most important, but difficult, parts of running a successful political campaign. Luckily, ADCC understands how to make a media plan for targeted audiences, and how to productively convey your message. There are two main outlets for communication:

  • Social media

    ADCC has consultants with backgrounds in digital marketing that know how to build brand awareness through social media. Growing an active user base, producing high quality content, and search engine optimization are key in building a successful social media presence.

  • Traditional media

    It’s becoming increasingly difficult to break through the babel of the 24-hour news cycle. Which is why our experience with message development and knowledge of national/regional news outlets is important to our clients.

Canvassing/Volunteer outreach

Voter outreach is essential to a successful campaign; ADCC offers expertise in both canvassing and digital outreach. We will help maximize the results of your voter outreach efforts through online and door to door campaigns.

Advocacy Consulting


Nonprofits are imperative in helping many people achieve the American Dream. For this reason, American Dream Capital & Consulting is committed to taking nonprofits down a path of success. Our consultants’ unique combination of passion and form an excellent recipe for success. We will help enhance systems, improve communication, reinforce leadership and staff, board development, reduce conflict and clarify your mission/strategic vision.

Public Policy

Public policy affects the lives of each and every American. Through effective and practical public policy government can facilitate positive growth and optimal outcomes for its citizens. American Dream Capital & Consulting possesses the political experience necessary to develop the most advantageous solutions to policy questions. From assessing alternative solutions for policy reform to diligently researching cutting edge approaches for policy development, ADCC provides cogent, innovative, and well-targeted public policy advice/solutions.


Lobbying is communicating with lawmakers/government officials with an intended purpose; it helps ensure the people get a continued voice in government. American Dream Capital & Consulting understands the importance of the people and their beliefs, so we will make your voice heard. Our connections to government officials and knowledge of legislature allow us to effectively act as a liaison to the government and its citizens.

Business Services


One of ADCC’s primary focuses is finding solutions to problems that others may miss. This is crucial in developing successful strategies. By reading between the lines and finding pragmatic strategies, we pride ourselves in finding the best solutions possible. At the end of the day everything we do is for our clients, so we strive to deliver strategies that set them up for maximum success.

Crisis Management

We also have a program for an emergency management program for business executives, City Managers, Crisis Managers, and Emergency Managers. This program specializes in the review, implementation, development, and training for various emergency situations.

Customer Strategy and Management

At the end of the day customers come first and are essential in the growth of a business. Our unique insight and understanding of the consumer allows us to create practical ways to enable market growth. From assessing the value of a product and creating reasonable pricing to creating actionable market segmentations, ADCC understands the customer’s wants and needs and how they will impact your business.

General Business Consulting

ADCC offers many different consulting services to fit your respective business needs. Our expertise encompasses a wide variety of industries. Please reach out to us about finding a solution to your business’s problem.

Problem solving

As an up and coming problem solving consulting group, American Dream Capital & Consulting finds unique solutions to business challenges and helps achieve long-term/short-term strategic objectives. ADCC’s powerful tool kit will not only help solve today’s problems for our clients, but will also prevent future problems from taking place.


Data analysis is a difficult, but essential, task for growing businesses. We help businesses tackle this challenge by evaluating their current data/analytics ecosystem and developing a data-driven strategy.

Public Relations

American Dream Capital & Consulting is devoted to executing creative and effective campaigns that appeal to the public. Our communications team understands the average consumer and will work to find a comprehensive solution to your problem. We combine traditional and new-age methodology to achieve powerful results.